Photos for your feed, handpicked monthly.

Picked, So you don't have to.

We see you, scrolling through your phone images trying for the life of you to find something to post–something aesthetic, insightful, in line with your business, oh, and it has to fit “the grid” or whatever. 

We see you looking at your website wishing you had something more recent and professional than your yearbook photo to add visual interest.

We see you Googling “free business stock images” only to end up with a photo of two hands shaking over a table covered in pens and briefcases. (Wait, did John have that one on his site, too?)

Pick a better option.

Introducing Picked: a monthly image subscription service that’s handcrafted to take content creation off the hands of the busy entrepreneur.

What if we made content creation easy & fun again?

We see a world where you swipe open your phone or hop on to your desktop and look at an image library of hand-picked photos that you’re inspired by and excited to post–a stock pile of professional, vibrant photos that help build that know-like-trust factor across your marketing platforms. The best part? You get your time back.

No lemons. Ever.

Picked was created by two professional photographers as the answer to sterile, unimaginative stock photography. 

Always in season.

Each month’s library of 20 photos takes into account the season and holidays, so you have something ready to post for every occasion. 

Go Bananas.

The photos are yours to use as needed, whether it’s for social media, website, print, or other marketing collateral.

Unblank the Square

Picked is designed to be your backup plan, or your entire social media marketing plan. It’s up to you.

Use Picked to extend your personal brand imagery and fill in the gaps when you don’t have time to do your own shoot or don’t have a photo that fits what you want to say.

Picked also comes with enough photos to cover your entire social content for the month (if posting 5x/week.) All you have to do is customize your post with your own unique caption. 

Stop spending time wondering what to post. Just Pick.  

All you gotta do is post.

Here’s the details:

High quality, eye-catching images planned and shot by professional photographers. 

20 new photos captured and delivered each month.

Access to a private Facebook group of peers and mentors with helpful advice for growing and marketing your business. 

A personalized dashboard where you can view and download your photos each month. 

No more looking like a shrug emoji every time you need a photo for your marketing.  

Your pick, Friend.