Meet the Peter Pipers of Picked

We believe that every entrepreneur and small business should have the opportunity to put their best foot forward in their marketing, regardless of time or money.

Picked was founded by Preslie Hirsch and Moriah Sawtelle-two creative entrepreneurs who know firsthand how important (and time consuming) branding and marketing is.

We love snacks, coffee, business conferences, Lululemon pants, and travel. And most of all we love watching other dreamers figure out the tools and tactics that give them their dream jobs. We especially love when Picked gets added to someone’s toolbox.

We get marketing, we get the hustle struggle, but most of all we get being human. You don’t have to go this crazy thing alone—let’s do it together.

Moriah Sawtelle

If you’ve ever seen someone covered in white dog hair and typing frantically in a coffee shop, it was probably me. I’m a photographer, designer, and marketing nerd with a love for thick serif fonts and scrambled eggs (either together or separate.)

I love hiking, business podcasts, and planning solo trips to far-flung destinations. I currently run Moriah Brooke Creative, a photography and website design business that helps makers and entrepreneurs give their ideas a visual reality. I’m also the writer/photographer behind Elle Fait, a blog and community that grew from my love of creativity. But above all, I’m made to help entrepreneurs be seen and heard. Between my role here at Picked and my job running Moriah Brooke Creative (oh, and my gig making things for Resound) I’m blessed to say that I get to do just that every single day. 


Preslie Hirsch

Arizona born and raised, Preslie Hirsch has done a little bit of everything. She’s a former bodybuilder turned CrossFit coach and national-level Olympic weightlifter, owner of multiple businesses, hobby photographer, podcast host, journalist and espresso connoisseur.

Throughout the process of starting her first company, Hey Preslie Nutrition, she fell in love with the behind the scenes work, i.e.: designing efficient systems and implementing creative processes. This tug on her heart, coupled with recognizing a need in the market for talented entrepreneurs to run their businesses more efficiently to reduce stress and scale their impact, created space for the successful launch of Hey Preslie Creative in early 2019. Picked is a perfectly aligned extension of this mission; creating a platform for other small business owners to have the resources they need to grow and thrive. 

We're here to help you be seen.

What would it look like if you committed to showing up every single day on your marketing platforms, putting your best food forward with each and every post?

We think people would notice–and subsequently, your bottom line would notice. 

Picked takes the guesswork out of posting with Insta-worthy photography that you can implement across your marketing today. 

We also take down the time barrier to sourcing attention-grabbing imagery, giving you more time to move the needle on your big dreams. No more glorifying busy or living the 80-hour workweek hustle. 

Your pick, Friend.